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We All Play Mario.

Super Mario is the best game I have ever played. Or probably, it reminds me so much of the zeitgeist of my childhood – the innumerable bouts of¬†amusement my brother and I had together (Mario’s younger brother Luigi thus gets an honorary mention) – that my judgement fails to be […]

The Little Princess

She should have been in the kindergarten playing with other kids, but she was out there barefoot in the scathing heat of the noon. Her clothes were ragged and her hair resembled spider-web tinted in the dusty smog of the traffic. Instead of doodling with the crayons, her tender hands […]

Things You Cannot Outrun

Whenever I see this picture, I stop. Whatever the chaos my mind might be wrangling with, I halt. Howsoever my endless hustle could be, I feel numb. Because there is nothing to offer but watch. Drowning in the boundless ocean of recollections, I just stare. Defenseless. Yet unafraid… This is […]

Extremities Are the Ones That Count

Right from my childhood, I have always wanted the best things I see around, to be mine. I remember the time when the most sophisticated and the costliest compass-box came into our village’s only shop, when I somehow convinced my Mom and Dad to buy me the single piece available […]