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The History Of India

Was looking for this for a very long time. I’m happy to have found one that looks authentic. Bhartiya Chronology 3228 BC – 1947 3228 Descension of Bhagwan Krishn 3139 The Mahabharat War Start of Brihadrath dynasty of Magadh Start of Yudhisthir dynasty of Hastinapur 3102 Ascension of Bhagwan Krishn […]

KDE India Conference, Bangalore

It is an amazing experience to have participated in the, organised at RV College Of Engineering, Bangalore. Not only was it a great learning experience, but we all had fun- with the likes of Knut Yrvin dancing,  Prashanth Udupa and Adriaan de Groot with their great sense of Humor, […]

A Dream

I dream of my face drowned in with vividness, In the silky mass of your feathery hairs, Being lost with your smile as the harness, Stunned and sheepish, waiting for a caress. I dream of my eyes engrossed in yours, Unaware of everything outdoors, Curious how those lovely pearls would […]

Solace In A False Hope

You never know what a liar I am, Making you believe in my stories: so sham. Your eyes never bared a doubt of any sign, Never did they find a curve ball in mine. I was not guilty looking into your lovely eyes, As if heeding the calmness of the […]

Statue of Unity

I’m posting this today in the memory of all those lives that fell victim to Mumbai attacks on 26/11 couple of years ago. May all those souls rest in peace and let the evil be punished. I might be late to know, but the largest democracy in the world-India is […]

A Machine’s Life

Why should we always be running? With our paths so obscure, And our self so insecure, Without a hint of what to trust for sure? Why aren’t we fed up of running? Dutiful, always behind the clock, Sheepish, every time to watch it mock, Expecting marvels from a piece of […]

A Malignant Grief

My world now has changed, Wrapping me with borrowed gleams: short-ranged, To have my pains unnoticed and the cries unheard. Smiles are uncharmed and desires are disarmed, Nights are moonless and days are without lights, Chats are without pats with happiness under the mats, Subdued and colourless are the scarce […]

When I’m walking with you!

When I’m walking with you, I’m a feather floating in the cool air, Dusted with melting mist: warm and so rare, Like the kiss of an angel I don’t know from where! When I’m walking with you, I’m a bird flying free in the clear skies, Caressing the mountain peaks: […]

Never Lose Yourself

I see you desolate, sitting bare, Losing everything you owned, Losing everyone you loved, Managing only a lifeless outstare, At the black skies painted in cloud. But remember, When you feel that no one’s beside you, When no one asks about your day- so somber, With nobody meaning their smiles […]

Think Again!

The Kashmir issue getting into heat more than ever, with the Arundathi Roy controversy. My thoughts are not interested in debating whether she has done a mistake or not by making such statements. Rather, there is a much more important issue everyone is forgetting in the wake of patriotism of […]