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Cleanliness and Indian Cities

Travelling along in the BMTC buses everyday spending almost 4 hours a day, I get to do a lot of things which I very often didn’t use to. If I’m not very tired, I think about a lot of things; and if I get a comfortable seat with the bus less crowded, I gaze around the […]

A Look at Kannada Cinema

I’m tired of seeing posters all around me featuring ‘Sandalwood’ movies with fancy English tag lines. Funny thing about many of those movies is that the Poster Makers seem to have more brains and common sense than the actual Movie Makers. Everybody knows the fact that of every 100 movies […]

Deeper Into the Same Old Question

It’s been a while since I posted the article  The Same Old Question that I’m tempted to put down another set of those mystical confusions I have always been infested with. I had been to my friend’s place in Andhra Pradesh the last weekend. We went to a number of […]

My Day As I See It

As light seeps in through those windows, I wake up for another day of drama getting in, Another day to be faking out of the house, Another of those smiling competitions you never win. As the sun travels through the skies, I stray along like a vagabond, Not sure of […]

A While Longer

I embrace my nights with a castle of hopes, To wake up in your dreams in an island of slopes, Or in an endless beach far off from mopes, Or in a green pasture with a herd of antelopes. Let’s take a boat across those glimmering streams, Stay a while […]

Using Wikipedia Offline

Did you know that the entire Wikipedia can be stored on your disk and you can access it when you are offline? Oh Yes! WikiTaxi is the magic tool you would need! Wikipedia regularly dumps its data so that it could be used by other applications, and you just need […]

Four Boons

I see you when I think of Beauty To which nothing needs to be added, Nor could anything be subsided, It’s the melody every art sets off guided, Beauty is perfect, Beauty is You! I see you when I think of Love, The best drug for all the anguishes in […]

This Is It!!

I had imagined this moment in the bluest of my fears, When I’d wake up with an amusing hum in my ears, Hours in the shower lost within a dreamy isle, A gaze at the clear sky with a relentless smile, With a cup of coffee wishing it would last […]

I Can’t Fight It!

Just when I think that it’s all over, Your lovely image clouds my eyes, Making me feel alive with a fresh sunrise, As my life transpires to be nice and slower. Just when I think that I would give up, Your magical voice echoes in my ears, A cherished pep […]