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Standing By India

Some posts out of patriotism, and some out of bewilderment about my motherland…

It’s Testosterone And Not Online Porn

I have been closely following the developments post the terrible episode of Delhi Gang-rape and I have to say, some of the lawmakers’ reactions seem really ridiculous to me. Take lowering the age of consent for sex to 16 for example. Really? You think that’s going to change things? In the […]

Politicians or Political Parties?

Ever since I acquired interest in politics, I have always wondered about one convoluted question: Why do we Indians have to vote for a set of people that with both capable leaders and power-hungry jackasses, without knowing who would finally end up ruling? In my opinion, this is one of the major […]

How Far Can Kapil Sibal Go?

I DIDN’T KNOW! I didn’t know that our Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal as a lawyer several times represented India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Earlier I used to dislike him for his controversial internet censorship and sms bans; and now that i know this horrendous fact, […]

Is Our “Independence Day” Aptly Named?

The only part of history back in high-school I didn’t like was Indian Freedom Struggle. To make it worse, we had it for three protracted years for study. If this hadn’t been the case, History would easily have influenced my career path and I might even have become a historian of some sort. I […]

What History Should Teach Us

I used to be a devoted student of history back in my school days. All the drama, twists and so many bizarre events were so fascinating to me. Even today, I give historical fiction a special place in my interests. If there is one big thing history bothers me very often, […]

Fate of Regional Languages

The other day I was looking for a Kannada novel on Flipkart, that a thought crossed my mind. How long will the regional languages continue to flourish? I’m primarily concerned about literature. It may well be another 100 years, that the regional literature would rather be confined to studies and research and not […]

An Unfair System

Like most days I woke up late today, regretting that it would be another ‘office starts just before noon’ day for me. Dressing up in a hurry, I didn’t even bother to look into the mirror, aware that I would have to look at an ape first thing in the morning  without […]

Cleanliness and Indian Cities

Travelling along in the BMTC buses everyday spending almost 4 hours a day, I get to do a lot of things which I very often didn’t use to. If I’m not very tired, I think about a lot of things; and if I get a comfortable seat with the bus less crowded, I gaze around the […]