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Some of my poems that I consider close to my heart…
Hope they inspire you too :)

Never Lose Yourself

I see you desolate, sitting bare, Losing everything you owned, Losing everyone you loved, Managing only a lifeless outstare, At the black skies painted in cloud. But remember, When you feel that no one’s beside you, When no one asks about your day- so somber, With nobody meaning their smiles […]

Without You…

I cherish how it used to be before, You beside me along this very shore, The warmth I was given with your caress, And how you made me feel amidst a sea of distress- That I am the happiest, by any lore. My windows had dehisced a weird morning to […]


Do you know what is ‘hope’? It’s a chisel that sculpts your dream. It’s a lantern for your mind in the dark. It’s a solace in the Herculean swim upstream. It’s an immortal drink at the desert’s embark. Do you know why I do hope? I feel fearless even on […]