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Some of my poems that I consider close to my heart…
Hope they inspire you too :)

A While Longer

I embrace my nights with a castle of hopes, To wake up in your dreams in an island of slopes, Or in an endless beach far off from mopes, Or in a green pasture with a herd of antelopes. Let’s take a boat across those glimmering streams, Stay a while […]

Four Boons

I see you when I think of Beauty To which nothing needs to be added, Nor could anything be subsided, It’s the melody every art sets off guided, Beauty is perfect, Beauty is You! I see you when I think of Love, The best drug for all the anguishes in […]

This Is It!!

I had imagined this moment in the bluest of my fears, When I’d wake up with an amusing hum in my ears, Hours in the shower lost within a dreamy isle, A gaze at the clear sky with a relentless smile, With a cup of coffee wishing it would last […]

I Can’t Fight It!

Just when I think that it’s all over, Your lovely image clouds my eyes, Making me feel alive with a fresh sunrise, As my life transpires to be nice and slower. Just when I think that I would give up, Your magical voice echoes in my ears, A cherished pep […]

Stories Untold

I sit back and look as the daylight fades, At the pages I write my best words for you, Saving them for the best, hiding them in the shades, In the very heart that gracefully housed you. As now they are no longer kept for you, As it’s time to […]

A Dream

I dream of my face drowned in with vividness, In the silky mass of your feathery hairs, Being lost with your smile as the harness, Stunned and sheepish, waiting for a caress. I dream of my eyes engrossed in yours, Unaware of everything outdoors, Curious how those lovely pearls would […]

Solace In A False Hope

You never know what a liar I am, Making you believe in my stories: so sham. Your eyes never bared a doubt of any sign, Never did they find a curve ball in mine. I was not guilty looking into your lovely eyes, As if heeding the calmness of the […]

A Machine’s Life

Why should we always be running? With our paths so obscure, And our self so insecure, Without a hint of what to trust for sure? Why aren’t we fed up of running? Dutiful, always behind the clock, Sheepish, every time to watch it mock, Expecting marvels from a piece of […]

A Malignant Grief

My world now has changed, Wrapping me with borrowed gleams: short-ranged, To have my pains unnoticed and the cries unheard. Smiles are uncharmed and desires are disarmed, Nights are moonless and days are without lights, Chats are without pats with happiness under the mats, Subdued and colourless are the scarce […]

When I’m walking with you!

When I’m walking with you, I’m a feather floating in the cool air, Dusted with melting mist: warm and so rare, Like the kiss of an angel I don’t know from where! When I’m walking with you, I’m a bird flying free in the clear skies, Caressing the mountain peaks: […]