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Writing For Oneself

I often wonder when many accomplished writers say, “It doesn’t matter to me whether anyone reads what I write or not, I just write for myself.” Is that statement straight in meaning or does it have a different intent altogether? Because I honestly believe that something written that’s not read by […]

Deeper Into the Same Old Question

It’s been a while since I posted the article  The Same Old Question that I’m tempted to put down another set of those mystical confusions I have always been infested with. I had been to my friend’s place in Andhra Pradesh the last weekend. We went to a number of […]

Little Lanterns #1

When you feel that you don’t quite get what you really deserve, tell yourself : “It does not matter if time pushes me to the second best. Because where I stand ordinary in the best, I would stand extraordinary in the second best, any day!” There’s no point in giving […]

The Same Old Question

I often ask myself one same question time and again: Has Science made me an atheist? Never have I thought the answer to be YES on to that one, but interestingly, nor have I been able to unconditionally deny it! Having born in an Orthodox Brahmin family, naturally I used […]