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Chinmay Hegde

Without You…

I cherish how it used to be before, You beside me along this very shore, The warmth I was given with your caress, And how you made me feel amidst a sea of distress- That I am the happiest, by any lore. My windows had dehisced a weird morning to […]


Do you know what is ‘hope’? It’s a chisel that sculpts your dream. It’s a lantern for your mind in the dark. It’s a solace in the Herculean swim upstream. It’s an immortal drink at the desert’s embark. Do you know why I do hope? I feel fearless even on […]

You are still adored Billy!

Microsoft spearhead Bill Gates is going to celebrate his 56th birthday this 28th. With the advent of Opensource Revolution, he is often portrayed as a pirate of the silicon valley. But many of us forget, that it is him who was a leader in making every household have a pc […]

Back Blogging :)

Was really disappointed that my previous blog in webs server had issues with loading time and much more. So now I’m shifting totally into being highly expectant. Will try to sync the content of the previous blog here soon, too. Cheers 🙂