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It’s You!


Don’t you forget when I tell you,
Someone lives his life because of you.
Wherever you go, just keep this in mind,
Everyday and in every breath of his,
He wishes that that you are doing well in bliss.
With all his heart and his soul,
He wishes that you feel safe and whole,
Because he’s always there for you, across every pole.

As he breathes your breath and walks your steps,
He does feel your pain and the feelings perplex.
And as you walk away, being all his wealth,
He suddenly feels he is a stranger to himself.

Even as he wonders how he’d tell you,
He appreciates how his world is full with you,
And how bleak it gets once you are gone.
He wonders if his words can scale as deep,
But even a moment’s smile on your face-
Can claim his love full and steep.

But I don’t understand, please tell me,
As he spends his nights awake,
As he floods his eyes in ache,
What makes him alone and distant,
While he has you, pure and persistent?

27th January 2015.
(Adapted from Arijit Singh's Baatein Ye Kabhi Na)

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Chinmay Hegde

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