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October is Gone!

Last month was an eventful one, except that I forgot to gift my blog a post on its 4th birthday on 16th. I read a novel by Liane Moriarty called The Husband’s Secret. It was fairly good, except that a couple of characters were annoying and lacked a convincing closure. I enjoyed the conversations and the flow of the story, with a particular liking to how different characters were linked together and how perfectly the novel was organised into small and meaningful chapters.

that's me!

that’s me!

I also had the toughest trek of my life last month to Kumara Parvata, which my friends say is the second toughest in Karnataka. I thoroughly enjoyed it though it was extremely tiring, and I plan to write on it as well.

And that reminds me that my writing needs some catching up to do, with the book I’m working on more or less stuck at the first draft stage. My friends who have reviewed it have given their thumbs up with more than a few suggestions, and I am really thankful to them.

With October gone we in India welcome winter, and a new year is just around the corner. That said, we don’t have more than two months to finish what we wanted to in 2014!


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