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Did You?

When you are in my arms smiling,
Try listening to one of my intense heartbeats pounding.
You gave them a reason worthier than just to keep me alive,
Did you know how glad they are now, beating?

did youWhen we lock our lips in love,
Try reading through my pensive mind.
Deeming you to be my entire world in a kind,
Seeing my true home within you all the way,
Did you know it never wants you even an inch away?

When we get lost into each other’s eyes,
Did you feel the dreams weaved behind in disguise?
The ones that are there ever since I met you,
The ones that bloom every time I see you,
And then the loftiest of their kind in the reflection,
Who luckily is so damn real to precision.

(14th February 2014)

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Chinmay Hegde

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