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We Held On…

We Held On





When we fell,
Like drops of milk onto the grains of wheat,
For a moment we did feel the disparity’s heat.
But we held on as the two transformed in time,
To be bread and butter, thankfully together in prime.

When we fell,
Rows rapped at us like torrents in overflow,
Flooding us in the cold rain of tears,
But we held on like a rock on a plateau,
Smoothing out barring all the fears.

When we fell,
Time conjured a murky shadow of distance,
Standing in the way of our sights like a fence,
Yet we shined bright like the streetlights,
Reaching out to each other: nice and wise.

When we fell,
We didn’t know as much as today,
That falling in love is just a green light on the way,
And it is holding on that’ll take us forward, Hon!
Then we rise in love, making the journey a worthwhile one.

(11th September 2013)

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Chinmay Hegde

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