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Why India Has An Infosys And Not A Microsoft

Last night I had a prolonged debate with my room-mates that went on for 2 hours till 3 O’ clock in the morning. It did land into several unrelated and bizarre discussions as well, but its driver was clear: Why don’t we have a successful product company like  Microsoft? Why are Indian companies more aligned to the service oriented business?

I know there will be a hundred different opinions and some might even turn down the question itself with a “Oh Come On!”. But I personally feel that service is something that works well in India than anywhere else, with large workforce and things like that. On the other hand, say if Microsoft was an Indian company and it made the savior Windows we all use (apologies to my rare Linux and Mac buddies). One direct question right there: Who buys Windows in India? As you are reading this now on your Windows machine, how many Rupees have you paid Microsoft till now?

I’m sure 8 in 10 would laugh and say, “We invented Zero.

So, it’s obvious that had Microsoft born in India, it would have been dead with its first product.  So, in a country where no strict Anti-piracy laws exist and where even schools, colleges and Government Offices do not buy software, how would such businesses survive? Hence service based businesses are a safer bet here in India. I’m not saying that product companies have a bleak future here, but that a Game cannot be played in the same way everywhere (I’m sure Flipkart would have realized it).

Again, times  change and what works today may not work tomorrow. (5 inch phablet wasn’t as exciting when Dell made it 4 years ago. But today, even when Micromax does it, it is a big fuss and everybody jumps on it.) So, it doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best idea in mind when you fail to find the right way of implementing it.


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Chinmay Hegde

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  1. How many people really talk about ideas in India so that a successful idea/company can come out? Checkout quora, you will see more discussions about packages in IITs than number of patents in IITs. How many students in engineering colleges really keep salary out of plate and think about ideas in hell bent way? It is mostly about getting packages better than others in college. As long as people stays in comfort zone, new innovations and new products can never come. It has been tradition in India.
    Your point is true, Indians do not appreciate ideas, so piracy is common here. Once trend in society changes towards appreciating ideas than money, no one would be able to beat India in inventions.

    1. Right. But there’s more to it. The same 8,000 Rupees you pay for a copy of Windows is the average salary of more than 60% of Indians. Doesn’t that explain for the mentality we have developed? We just have a long way to go.

    2. Kudos brother….
      Cent percent agreement to you……
      To change the flow of a river you need to go with the flow first…
      Piracy is there but its just like a different type of pitch and you need to adjust to it.

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