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I have had a peculiar problem with my writing, specifically with the book-idea I have had since high school. Yes, I am working on a novel. From several years now. (Some of my childhood friends might raise their eyebrows, “Still?“)

Initially, I had written a story about 60k words and my classmates and friends  who had read it had appreciated the idea of the story. I didn’t think of publishing it because it simply didn’t stand worth publishing, specially with the quality of language or the diction used in it. (In short, it was my first time.) So, I thought I would rewrite it, with modified/enhanced story-line, well understood characters and smoother flow. And since then, it started to become a mess.writing

Till now there have been at least 4 versions of the same high-school idea, including the one I’m currently working on. None of them have crossed over 30k words. One lasted only a couple of chapters. I know that the newer versions are the better ones, but I also understand that more the number of versions, farther I’m getting from the original idea. The culprit was the set of long breaks I took from writing. You should never take long breaks in the middle of a story.  By the time you come back, you might not like what you have written. For what’s more, the ideas you had before would have gotten lost and some more (be it better) would have taken their place. The same thing has happened to me in the last five years again and again.

Now I understand, that if an idea strikes me, I should not stop until I have done something with it. If I do stop, something else might take its place and I might have to start all over again.
I have decided that the version I’m working on now would be the last one of my high-school idea. I have a plot and I’m going to stick with it and hit the finish line sometime late this year.

Let’s see what comes out this time.

Have a nice day!

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Chinmay Hegde

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