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Missing You This Valentine’s

I was in the garden this Valentine’s morning,miss you1
That I turned in wonder to a familiar fragrance,
Could it be you behind me, silently following?
But then it was a little white flower saying hello in salience.

Then there was this rumbling breeze nice and slow,
Could it be you whispering in my ears?
Were you there for an instant and disappear like a show?
But I saw an empty world with nothing like you who endears.

Then I saw a pigeon playing around by my side,
Was it conveying your Valentine’s message in sly?
Did inside those enchanting feathers, a note of love reside?
But as I got up, the impish bird was gone in the skies to fly.

A tiny grasshopper in front ate his breakfast with his belonged,
Staring at me as I stood sheepishly without your sign,
Did you look at me as I looked at the skies and longed,
Did you hear me when I said that I missed you, divine?

14th February 2013

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Chinmay Hegde

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