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I’m Waiting…

By my balcony I stand deluging in the raindrops,
Searching you in one of them to feel my unspoken teardrops,
With my eyes closed, as that’s how forever with me you stay,
And my breath profound, ‘Coz I breathe you every day.

I stare at the starry and gorgeous night-skies,
Gambling with a million stars to meet your lovely eyes,
With a hope that you’d look at the same star,
From which I see your light mirrored so far!

By the streets I walk alone, indifferent to traffic sounds,
Wishing I’d run into you somehow out of the bounds.
Into my arms you rush in if you so have to,
But drown me in the same sea of love I’m so addicted to.

I’m waiting for you with all my dreams weaved,
I’m waiting for you with all my love sealed,
I’m waiting for with all my words latent and brewed,
Why don’t you come over and give my dreams a life,
And take home love for the rest of your life?

(15th October 2012)

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Chinmay Hegde

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