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An Unfair System

Like most days I woke up late today, regretting that it would be another ‘office starts just before noon’ day for me. Dressing up in a hurry, I didn’t even bother to look into the mirror, aware that I would have to look at an ape first thing in the morning  without a shave. I caught the bus only to let it carry me hanging at the door, but just a couple of kilometers that I jumped into another bus that had a little more space to breathe. Oh yes, then my brain woke up that I decided to write this post.

I think I have said so much about this already, but it sometimes occurs to me that it’s not enough. How would you like to go to jail for the crimes committed by your great grandfather? Oh yes, it happens in India.

There was a protest last Saturday from the so called Dalits, bike rallies, shouting slogans and all that (I see it as just another needless deed to bring in havoc to already messed up Bangalore Traffic.) But wait, I haven’t yet told you what on earth was the protest was about! It was to ask for a bill that would extend the God damn Caste based Reservation System to the private sector as well! Begging a bit too much? Anti-secular madness! Our government of course, is coward enough to keep on extending the reservation system that was originally meant for first 10 years after independence. Why? Vote Bank politics! It fears that if it doesn’t extend, it would fall. What a shame! Sad that no one up there has the balls to say it aloud that it’s unfair.

I’m proud of Muslim community leaders in India who denied the policy of including some section of Muslims into OBC and SC/ST reserved categories. I remember them saying “Don’t try to divide Muslims.” Hats off! Why is that spirit of unity not there amongst the rest of us? Shame! If you really want to help the downtrodden, make policies to have a reservation system on the economic basis. Help the poor, not a caste. Sending me to jail because my great grandfather harassed Dalits? How fair is that?

I feel sad for the talented individuals who fall prey to this unfair system. Are we really a Secular State? No! Wherever you go, government offices ask you, “Which caste were you born in? Oh that! sorry, you don’t get those privileges.” I saw a lot of photos of Dr. B R Ambedkar on the posters in the protests. If he was alive, he wouldn’t have wanted this to happen I’m sure. Legalized Begging is the best thing I can call this.

I really don’t know until what time this unfair system is going to haunt the dreams of millions, but I really wish we could somehow voice this aloud in the so called Sovereign Secular Socialist Democratic Republic of India.


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Chinmay Hegde

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