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Cleanliness and Indian Cities

Travelling along in the BMTC buses everyday spending almost 4 hours a day, I get to do a lot of things which I very often didn’t use to. If I’m not very tired, I think about a lot of things; and if I get a comfortable seat with the bus less crowded, I gaze around the streets through the windows creating new thoughts. Of course, if the bus is jam-packed, you have no time to do anything but to oversee yourself that you are still breathing. 😉

So called Garden City, Namma Bengaluru as I see it, day by day is embracing every other dirty street we see in India. I see trash everywhere, and urinating in the open has been so nauseating that you should close your eyes if have to walk on the foot paths. I see auto-rickshaw drivers peeing on the compound walls of my college literally everyday! This happens around the clock, all time in the day no matter what. Pasting disgusting posters wherever they want is one thing,(even on the government office gates for God’s sake! I saw one shitty poster on the Pay Accounts Office Gate!) and it’s sad that the authorities have no control. There has to be a strict mandate on where the posters can be stuck and where people can pee, or else Indian cities continue to become those sickening version of India they show in Slumdog Millionaire. (Amitabh Bachchan said Indians were not all slums and dogs, but it’s sad that were are becoming that.)

None of the cities we dream of making ‘Singapore’s one day, have proper city-plan; with people residing, selling, and even peeing wherever they want! Is it called the ‘Freedom’? I call it barbarianism. They spend lakhs promoting and raising statues of filmstars, politicians and organizing needless rallies and protests. Instead can’t they invest some of it into the ways of giving the citizens a better life to live? It’s the honest taxpayers’ money afterall! They deserve better. We all do.

Well, as our good old man from Gujrat said, ‘Be the change you want see in the world’, I am giving my best to be a good citizen. Are you?

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Chinmay Hegde

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