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A Look at Kannada Cinema

I’m tired of seeing posters all around me featuring ‘Sandalwood’ movies with fancy English tag lines. Funny thing about many of those movies is that the Poster Makers seem to have more brains and common sense than the actual Movie Makers. Everybody knows the fact that of every 100 movies made in Kannada Cinema, only 2 or 3 have the quality and material. Rest all are made showcasing some barbarian fight-skills (are they skills?) and impractical, half-baked or plot/story deficient movie making.

Sad that the desi movies that come up these days lack the graceful support of literature, which is abundant for a language like Kannada having won the highest Jnanapeetas ever in Indian history. When we look at successful movies of any industry (not just commercially) we observe that they are backed by solid literature and well-planned story-line (Even in Hollywood). What I don’t understand is what is stopping the film makers to make use of the literature resources so abundant with us?

Well, having complained so much, I have to propose a solution to be fair. I think it is the environment that’s forcing the things to go the way they are going. I’m convinced that Bangalore is not the place for any Kannada Industry and certainly not the Film Industry. I see 1 in 10 Bangaloreans actually speaking Kannada irrespective of whether they know it or not. Of course, that’s understandable and it cannot be changed. Survival of the fittest applies everywhere. My point is not that Bangalore disappoints me (I love Bangalore!); it’s just that situation is only going to worsen for Kannada in Bangalore. (My uncle’s kids here in Bangalore are so fluent in English and Hindi, and they can hardly read a word written in Kannada.) So, why contaminate our Film Industry in such an environment? There are places in Karnataka where people love Kannada from the heart and not show off with some stupid protests and organisations as in Bangalore. They can breed our Film Industry better, and I see no better future otherwise.

Charles Darwin comes in mind again, with his Natural Selection and Survival of the fittest. If you are dying and if you want to survive, better migrate to a safer haven. Fighting till death and becoming a martyr is bullshit. 😉

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Chinmay Hegde

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