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Little Lanterns #1

When you feel that you don’t quite get what you really deserve, tell yourself :

“It does not matter if time pushes me to the second best. Because where I stand ordinary in the best, I would stand extraordinary in the second best, any day!”

There’s no point in giving up the fight, as it’s not going to make the situation get any better. Always try to be the part of the solution, not the complaint. It doesn’t matter if your efforts are unnoticed, keep pushing forward. One day when you least expect it, the day would be yours and every piece of your work would be appreciated.

So, keep up your good work. If you are rewarded second though you deserved the first, you know you can do much better in second than in the first. So that way, people around would realize that you are worth more and you would reach greater perks. Not giving up and keep fighting is the key.

Hope I made your day!


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Chinmay Hegde

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