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Four Boons

I see you when I think of Beauty
To which nothing needs to be added,
Nor could anything be subsided,
It’s the melody every art sets off guided,
Beauty is perfect, Beauty is You!

I see you when I think of Love,
The best drug for all the anguishes in life,
Only thing to lean on in any kind of strife,
It’s joy, excitement and the root of life,
Love is enough, Love is You!

I see you when I think of Happiness,
The energy that bids the sloth bye-bye,
The spirit to get us to the heights of sky,
It’s the freedom for our minds to fly,
Happiness is fortune, Happiness is You!

I see you every moment I live Life,
A collage of surprises and fulfilments so many,
A journey worth every symphony,
It’s peace, company and harmony,
Life is magnificent, My Life is You!

(20th October 2011)

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Chinmay Hegde

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