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I Can’t Fight It!

Just when I think that it’s all over,
Your lovely image clouds my eyes,
Making me feel alive with a fresh sunrise,
As my life transpires to be nice and slower.

Just when I think that I would give up,
Your magical voice echoes in my ears,
A cherished pep talk that drives and clears,
The doubts away, helping me get up.

Just when I think that I would forget,
I remember how you made my days bright,
And how you showed me what is right,
Giving me everything I could ever get.

So you see, I can’t do it my dear!
It’s you who makes me complete,
And I don’t see my love for you deplete,
Do you really want me fight it some more,
Like a loner in a boat aimless and sore?

(6th and 7th of July, 2011)

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Chinmay Hegde

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  1. lol.. i really wanna know who is that lucky gal made ur life bright and complete.. Once again a good poem.. i like the words at the end of every lines.. just read them like reading rhyme words in my school days. 🙂

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