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Stories Untold

I sit back and look as the daylight fades,
At the pages I write my best words for you,
Saving them for the best, hiding them in the shades,
In the very heart that gracefully housed you.

As now they are no longer kept for you,
As it’s time to let go the yokes that I behold,
As the best never really came from you,
The stories untold are ready to unfold.

Now that I know you better,
Stories untold make me stronger,
Stronger to tear each of them into the bin,
To read them aloud out of the world within,
And to be happier that you can’t hear it.

(16th May 2011)

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Chinmay Hegde

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  1. Like your title, every life has a few untold stories and I like how you have written this one with a sense of disownment, at the same time a wee bit of attachment in slightly mindless ways.

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